Live Christian Center Mission (LCCM) which is a non-denominational Ministry is committed to carrying out God's commission of spreading the gospel of salvation to the nations, binding the broken hearted and bringing healing to the sick and deliverance to the oppressed.


LCCM will become the locus for building God's army that attacks and destroys the works of the devil with a demonstration of Christ's resurrection power resulting into the salvation of those who believe


1. to carry out effective evangelistic campaign and church planting

2. To conduct capacity building for God's servants

3. To provide a conductive fellowship for administering God's word, love and power

4. To provide adequate pastoral care including counseling and prayer for all members.

Core Values.

1. We value the word of God and give emphasis to Bible teaching.

2. we entirely depend on the Holy Spirit as the guide and counselor of our ministry

3. we emphasize love among brethren; without which salvation is impossible

4. we believe in giving praise and worship, which is the eternal purpose of our call.