Welcome Message

Dear our beloved visitors,

We Welcome you to Gayaza Live Christian Centre (GLCC). You have come to a place where the risen Christ will touch your heard and minister to your needs by His power and love. The church can provide you with prayer, counseling and warm fellowship as your needs may be but above all, it can become your home church if you so wish. if you already have your home church, please pass our regards when you return.

 God bless you!

Bishop Robert James Kakande

Church Mission

Live Christian Center Mission (LCCM) which is a non-denominational Ministry is committed to carrying out God's commission of spreading the gospel of salvation to the nations, binding the broken hearted and bringing healing to the sick and deliverance to the oppressed.


GLCC which is under Live Christian Centre

Mission (LCCM) is a local church located 1 ½ km from Gayaza Trading Centre along kabanyoro road, close to the University Farm. GLCC will provide you with inspired teachings, anointed preaching and conscious manifestations of the holy spirit’s Power. Binding to the remarkable of your life.

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09 Mar, 21

Women Fellowship

09 Mar, 21

Trumpets Choir Practice

10 Mar, 21

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Trumpets Choir Practice

Women Fellowship

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Okumanya Ge Maanyi

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OKUMANYA GE MAANYI (Knowledge is Power) Episode 4

Meet Our Pastors who share the God's Love with Others

Bishop Robert James Kakande

Senior pastor Live Christian Center - Gayaza, and overseer live Christian Center mission, Uganda.

Pr Dorothy Kakande

Wife to Bishop, church administrator, live Christian Center -Gayaza

Pr Engineer Fred Muteesa Kawooya

Youth pastor and head media and evangelism programs.

Pr joy Assimwe

Senior pastor, live Christian Center - kiwenda

Pr Miriam Nkubi

Associate pastor, live Christian Center - Gayaza, pastor women department.

Pr Terema Cornelius

Senior pastor live Christian Center, - wabutungulu and Banja

Pr Sunday Wilijja

Senior pastor live christian center, - Nakwero.

Pr Harriet Kaisuka

Senior pastor, live Christian Center -Buwanume